I am the embodiment of my creations. My one-of-a-kind designs made in America, reflect my personality as well as my background. Raised in both Paris and Greenwich, CT. I return frequently to Europe to find inspiration for my designs in the beauty and history of Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Spain and France.

While traveling, I search for special fabrics which come to life in the form of a blouse, dress, caftan or perhaps a kimono. With an eye for detail, I design with the goal of making every woman feel beautiful, confident and feminine. The hand-picked piping or ribbon on a jacket, the silk charmeuse lining in all my pieces, and the bias cut of my designs all combine to reveal my regard of elegance!

I am a TRUE Fiery Leo, with a Zest and Passion for life. I Love and appreciate art, color, travel and history. Astrology has been another hobby of mine since a very young age. I believe it goes hand in hand with my designs and working closely with clients!

Invariably conscious of the women wearing my clothing, I strive to make every woman feel unique and radiant.

I studied Renaissance art history in Heidelberg, Germany and Florence, Italy, at Pepperdine University, and believe my appreciation for line and form is expressed directly in my designs. I also hold a degree in Fashion Design from Parson's School of Design (New York City) and worked as an Assistant Designer for Catherine Puget, an Haute Couture Bridal Atelier in Paris France, before returning to Greenwich to launch my own line and open my showroom. I began in year 2000, with personal clients and by appointment only, creating one-of-a kind tops, dresses, gowns, suits and shawls for special occasions. I truly DO believe, each piece of clothing should be a work of art, not just fashion! Today, my signature style, is bought by clients all over the world, from Greenwich to St. Barth's, Milan, St. Tropez, Greece, Palm Beach, Chicago, San Francisco to New York City. I love that my creations are made in the USA and can reach women all across the world and still make them ALL feel the same, beautiful, confident and feminine!

Want to set up a personal appointment, or have any questions before ordering, email me at Caryna@CarynaNina.com. Caryna Nina is proud to say it is produced in the USA.